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Beyond Resilience

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Many organisations are undergoing significant business transformation, which is increasing the amount of stress that employees are feeling. When physiological, psychological and emotional resources are insufficient to meet demand, fatigue, impairment and burnout can result.

In order to not only survive, but thrive, in such an environment requires employees to adopt rituals that allow them to cope with stressors in the short-term, and induce productive adaptations in the long-term.

  • Thrive under pressure

  • Adopt daily rituals

  • Cope with stress

  • Induce long-term productive adaptation

  • Performance improvement

This workshop is designed to enable employees to thrive under pressure in a sustainable manner by exploring the science of resilience and peak performance tips from the military and elite athletes to provide participants with new insights and daily practices that will move them beyond risk mitigation to performance improvement.


High Performance Teams

// Workshop //

This workshop is a unique blend of personal experiences and cutting edge research into both team dynamics and social neuroscience.

Paul blends this experience with his insights from completing a Postgraduate Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership and the practical applications of working closely with senior executive teams in large organisations such as Medibank, Goodman Fielder, Iselect, SAP, CISCO and Ballarat and Casey City councils.

Participants complete a pre-workshop questionnaire to identify which areas to focus on in the workshop and additional coaching is provided if required.

Team Workshop

“Paul's workshop on High Performing Teams was exactly what we were after. His engaging style and use of interactivity kept the leadership tea focused throughout the day. 
He also provided easily implemented ideas and strategies that could be transferred to the workplace. Many of our leadership tean commented that it was the best workshop they had attended, and he'll certainly be invited to future conferences.”

Adam Campbell, CFO Australia Flight Centre Travel Group


The Executive Athlete

// Workshop //

Thriving in the modern work environment requires us to optimise and renew our physical and mental resources in order to create a state of sustainable high performance, which is highly challenging in the reality of long work hours and high-stress environments, interfacing with the challenges of personal lives.

This program examines high performance through the lens of the 4 pillars of:

Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, Recovery.

It combines research from the fields of neuroscience, physiology, psychology and nutrition with practices of elite athletes and military special forces units to give insights and rituals that will positively impact performance as well as physical and mental health. To assist you to turn good intentions into great habits, this workshop will include a proven method of behavioural change.

Executive Athl

“My leadership team and I participated in the Executive Athlete workshop. Fun, stimulating and confronting, it offered pragmatic and practical solutions to dealing with the modern-day commitments of executive leadership and competing tensions of work life balance. This program was exceptional.”

Adrian Hanley
General Manager, Customer Products & Services, NAB

The Neuroscience of Leadership

// Workshop //

The Neuroscience of Leadership is a 2-day facilitated workshop, with an outcome-based blend of information and facilitated group and individual tasks that is designed to optimise adoption of peak performance principles.The program combines military research on leadership and resilience with cutting-edge social neuroscience, physiology and psychology.

There is also a strong emphasis on behaviour change, with a number of proven tools used to foster self-determination and long-term success of the participants.There are 5 complementary parts that comprise the Neuroscience of Leadership and these are explored over 2 days:Know Thyself Optimise Energy and Decision-Making Thrive Under Pressure Engage and Influence Others Driving Change.

A number of optional tests are available to assess mind, body and brain performance, including BioAge testing and functional brain assessments. The workshop can also be delivered over 1 day.


“Paul Taylor is one of the most motivating and inspirational speakers who we have worked with in the past 10 years. His energy, passion and style is very engaging and our leadership team received freat insight and practical techniques to help balance work-life in a challenging market. We will work with Paul going forward to help us to become great leaders.”

Scott Fyfe, CEO Country Road Group


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