At first I was thinking “great some t*#t” is going lecture me on leadership and how to be a “better version of me”. F*%k me ! how wrong could I have been. I’m 45 year old Male and have worked for IBM, Microsoft and a few other large organizations and the three hours with you was by far the most powerful, useful , real information I have ever heard in a training/ corporate coaching event. You have had such a profound effect on my immediate and future life. Thank you Paul.
— Anonymous
Paul Taylor is a fantastic presenter - funny, down to earth but most importantly ENGAGING! The content was so interested, easy to understand for ‘most walks of life’ and he always backed it up with the relevant research. I particularly love the ‘tangible’ actions that we can take off the back of it (that are small and manageable), especially compared to all the other ‘wellbeing’ sessions we go to. The brutal honesty was great - no fluff just realistic approach. Our team rated Paul as excellent
89.5% - rated 10 out of 10 & 10.5% - rated 9 out of 10. Over 84% people rated ‘Extremely likely’ when asked if they will make changes (big or small) to their health and fitness.
— Large Financial Service Company
Paul conducted a half-day session on building resilience with our team and we all left feeling energized and motivated to make positive changes to the way we live our lives. Two weeks on the team continues to have cold showers (and remain accountable via our accountability board). I’ve noticed a real shift in the attitude towards health and wellness of our team following Paul’s session. The advice he gives is practical and achievable and intertwined with interesting anecdotes. Thanks for a memorable and useful session Paul.
— Elizabeth Prendergast, The Riverside Company
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Ihad the pleasure of listening to your presentation on Thursday at the Quest conference - so motivational, so well presented and well backed up with the scientific evidence.
One of the best Key Note presentations that I have seen
— Rohan Moss, General Manager, AOT Hotels
Fantastic presentation today by Paul, informative, engaging and gave me lots of ideas to take away. I only wish the session was longer! Highly recommend
— Rachel Edwards South West Tafe
Hands down the most valuable professional development session I have participated in to date. Paul connects theory to application in a credible, motivating and compelling way. It would be almost impossible to leave a Paul Taylor session without taking a personal step forward.
— Sally Byrne, Marketing Director Coca Cola Amatil
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It’s rare to come across those life changing moments but when it happens you will take the action to make changes in your life. Over my 25+ year career l have attended countless professional development programs but l have never come away with such powerful messages like l did when listening to Paul. In the programs l have previously attended, its been good at the time but that is as far as the good advice would go. Yes l was ready for change but now l have the tools to ensure that l deliver. Thank-you Paul. You have provided me with the kick start to take action and, “ Be the best person l can be!.”
— Sophie Dixon Austin Health
I would highly recommend ‘The Neuroscience of Performance’ program to all overworked, overstressed executives who want to achieve an uplift in their professional performance and more to the point their quality of life. Paul Taylor has an intuitiveability to understand the drivers of high performance and presents it with enough science to ensure a change in behaviour in any stubborn but intelligent exec
— Jeff Walsh GM Technology Capability National Australia Bank
Paul recently ran 2 sessions for our organisation and you wouldn’t get a more passionate, learned, practical and motivated speaker anywhere. Our entire workplace is absolutely abuzz and our senior leadership team is inspired!
— Michael Dean South West Tafe
Probably the best corporate/personal leadership training workshop that I have attended anywhere in the last twenty years! The messages around maintaining a healthy work-life balance, good nutrition, rest and regular exercise, all leading to an improvement in performance, individually and as a team, have been life changing to the participants. We started the training with a small group of Finance executives and their enthusiasm from the workshop is spreading throughout the organization...a great way to bring about change. Real, positive, productive change! Paul, you are truly amazing.
— Colin Sampson, Senior Vice President & CFO SAP Asia Pacific
Paul conducted the 2 day ‘Neuroscience of Leadership’ training program for the Cisco Capital Asiapac/Japan Leadership Team. I personally found it extremely beneficial and six months later, I’m still practicing what I learnt –proof of a very good program! The messages and numerous practical tips were outstanding and several members of my team commented that this was the BEST training they had ever received
— Rajiv Menon, Managing Director Asia-Pacific & Japan Cisco Systems Capita
Paul Taylor is one of the most inspirational speakers we have ever had work with our team. I have met very few people who have had such an impact on my staff. They are always asking “is he coming back” following the seminars we have conducted. My staff have made positive life changes to both their personal and work lives through adopting behaviours that Paul has recommend, and we look forward to doing more with him in the future
— Craig Towers Managing Director Johnson & Johnson New Zealand
Paul’s rare combination of expert knowledge and credible background are presented in a fashion that makes people thirsty for more. It has done more to motivate individuals and galvanise our management group than any other initiative we have attempted. Thanks Paul!
— Garry Davis, Executive Manager Organisation Services & Development Ballarat Council
Paul Taylor is one of the most motivating and inspirational speakers who we have worked with in the past 10 years. His energy, passion and style is very engaging and our leadership team received great insight and practical techniques to help balance work-life in a challenging market. We will work with Paul going forward to help us to become great leaders.
— Scot Fyfe CEO Country Road
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Paul and his neuroscience backed approach to personal and team performance should be pre-requisite training for anyone wanting to be their best version and live life to the fullest. The combination of research data and his common sense approach not only makes for a deeply enlightening knowledge exchange, but also left me with very practical next steps that I regularly use to this day. I thoroughly recommend Paul and look forward to finding an opportunity for Paul to take my team through their paces in the future.
— Clyde Fernandez Regional Sales Director, Salesforce
Paul’s workshop on High Performing Teams was exactly what we were after. His engaging style and use of interactivity kept the leadership team focused throughout the day. He also provided easily implementable ideas and strategies that could be transferred to the workplace. Many of our leadership team commented that it was the best workshop they had attended, and he’ll certainly be invited again to Flight Centre conferences
— Adam Campbell CFO Australia, Flight Centre Travel Group
Have sat in leadership development seminars, motivational presentations, and other management courses with companies like McDonalds, Suncorp, AAMI, USQ, UNE, USC, this by far, outshines them all.

Paul was raw, authentic, honest. Practical application of theory, backed with applicable and relevant psychological and scientific sources. We were engaged and completely riveted for the entire session.

You walked away knowing that what you had just sat through would be holistically applied to your vocational and personal spheres, and be a game changer for your life. And not one mention of SMART goals! Brilliant
— Stevie Cassidy - Youi
Tennis Australia recommends Paul Taylor for any organisation. Paul’s use of an evidence-based approach that drew on socially interesting research insights had a diverse crowd very engaged. Paul is an outstanding leader if you’re looking to both engage and challenge people on a personal level and as a group. Since Paul’s presentation we’ve found our staff referencing Paul’s presentation time and again – his impact is ongoing.
— Robin O'Neill General Manager, Community Tennis Australia
Country Road.jpg
Paul gave one of the most popular presentations at Happiness & Its Causes 2018, inspiring an audience of over 1,500 delegates. He has a wonderful ability to summarise scientific research in an easily accessible way and combines humour and anecdotes from his life to bring the research to life. Paul’s enthusiasm is infectious and his interaction with the audience was very engaging – it was a marvellous session!
— Beth Phelan Conference Director
My leadership team and I participated in the Executive Athlete workshop. Fun, stimulating and confronting, it offered pragmatic and practical solutions to dealing with the modern day commitments of executive leadership and competing tensions of work life balance. This program was exceptional.
— Adrian Hanley General Manager- Self Directed Wealth Customer Products & Services NAB
Flight Centre.jpg
We recently participated in a wellbeing session facilitated by Paul Taylor. As a HR team we rarely take time out to focus on our own wellbeing and the session turned out to be a great investment. Paul has a wonderful ability of delivering a message in a meaningful and relevant way that sticks with individuals. His impact was both powerful and enduring which is a wonderful and rare combination.
The team were captivated and 5 weeks later they are still talking about the effect it has had on their lives. As a result of the session we have all changed habits which has improved our wellbeing markedly. I recommend Paul highly
— Jacqui Campbell Director People Experience – Public Transport Victoria
I was sold on the idea of 30 second cold showers in the morning during the presentation but I can honestly say without Paul’s guidance around the ritual board (which I set up within a couple of days) I wouldn’t still be doing them. It’s one thing to be inspired in the moment. It’s another to put systems in place that create reinforcing positive habits. Week 5 now ms I’m still doing it (if not everyday then every second day). Thank you Paul.
— Has Razwi CHange Manager NAB

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