8 Minute Workout

Our 8 minute workout of Zuu exercises in Tabata style. You can vary the difficulty in the following ways:
1. To make easier, change work:rest ratio from 30:10 to 25:15 or 20:20, reduce the speed or range of motion of exercises.
2. To make harder, perform repetitions faster and/or increase range of motion.


Cavemen and Stress

Our bodies and brains are far better suited to the cavemen days. Learn how we used to mobilise our flight or fight systems and how we can better cope with todays increasing levels of stress.



Understand how willpower is reliant on your brain having a good supply of glucose and how self control gets harder and harder as the day goes on.


What if we told you there was a magic pill that would reduce your risk of contracting many major diseases. Would you be interest? Have a watch of our Magic Pill video from the tv show Body Brain Overhaul and find out more


Physical and Mental Stress

Take a look at the physiological responses this group of people had when we put them through different scenarios to stress them both mentally and physically.


Appetite, weight management and reward systems

Take a look at the science behind what makes us put on weight.



Are you taking the easy way out? Take a moment to watch this video and get a quick reminder about how you can find more opportunities for movement in your day!


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