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A range of inspiring, scientific, actionable webinars to help your people thrive, even in these challenging times. Give your people the tools they need to lean into the adversity.

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A stimulating blend of neuroscience, psychology and physiology, this webinar provides a range of actionable solutions for building resilience in these challenging times.

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This webinar debunks the myriad of common nutritional myths, highlights the flaws of population eating guidelines and teaches participants how to nourish their bodies and brains.

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You manage things, you lead people and leadership is more challenging and important right now. Give your leaders the tools & knowledge required to engage and influence their people.

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A fascinating exploration of the brain, motivation, behavioural economics and habit formation, this webinar helps individuals to become their best selves by closing the knowing-doing gap.

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The immune system is a critical is a hot topic right now, but also poorly understood. This webinar debunks the pseudoscience and reveals the lifestyle practices that support a robust system.

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What really makes us happy? The science says that it's not what most people think and this webinar outlines the path to an engaged and flourishing life, full of meaning and purpose.

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