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Resilient Mind

Improve your mental wellbeing and resilience to stress.

Thank you so much you two for your awesome course! I've loved it so much and I've loved passing on your pearls of wisdom to anyone who would listen.
- Coco


Presented by Paul Taylor

The Resilient Mind course is designed to help you learn how to boost your resilience and stress adaptation, so you can deal with whatever challenges life throws at you. Hosted by Paul Taylor.


6 sections • 11 lectures for you to immerse yourself at your pace.

This course is suitable for:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, executives, managers and professionals who are currently affected by stress in work and overall life.

  • Individuals who are struggling to cope with life's challenges.

  • Individuals who want to improve their own mental wellbeing and/or resilience to stress.

  • Individuals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of resilience, and a range of actionable tools, to help others


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This program was exactly what I was looking for.  I needed something to help me embed a range of  positive health behaviours into my life. That’s exactly what this program achieved. After just 6 weeks I already feel like a better version of myself. Thanks Paul!.


Having had the pleasure of seeing Paul in action previously and revelling in gratitude and other

real-world tools that he provides, our business saw the significant benefits of joining Paul Taylor's Resilient Mind during COVID lockdown.


As expected, well delivered, insightful and of huge benefit to all involved. Based on the delivery, website, app and support provided it is not short-lived either and continues to be utilised well post the sessions and spoken about ad nauseum in our team meetings and interactions.


Bravo Paul! Thanks again

Mitch Ramsbotham/Coastal Advice Group

I have seen very significant changes in myself just after 6 weeks and I’m so grateful that I did it because I believe now , I can be someone I didn’t think I could be before .


Forever grateful for this program , thank you Paul & Carly  for the amazing work you both deliver to help people . 

Lorna / Account Manager 

I have learned so many valuable tools to support and improve the physical and mental well being of not only myself but the whole family..