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A former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Paul is a Neuroscientist, Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist who is currently completing a PhD in Applied Psychology, where he is developing and testing resilience strategies with the Australian Defence Science Technology Group & The University of Tasmania.

In 2010 Paul created and co-hosted the Channel ONE HD TV series Body and Brain Overhaul and in 2010 and 2015, he was voted Australian Fitness Industry presenter of the year.

In addition to an extensive background in health and fitness, Paul has a proven track record in leadership, management and dealing in high-pressure situations, through his former roles as an Airborne Anti-submarine Warfare Officer and a Helicopter Search-And-Rescue Crew Member with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and has undergone rigorous Combat Survival and Resistance-to-Interrogation Training.

In 2012, he practiced what he preaches about resilience training and became a professional boxer.


As well as holding qualifications in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Japanese Psychology, Carly is a University-qualified Nutritionist, a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified Health Coach with over 10 years experience in the area of coaching behaviour change.

Carly coaches people to discover what they are capable of and break through the barriers that hold them back. The mindset tools she teaches come from modern, Eastern and Stoic philosophy.

Carly is incredibly passionate in her approach and never stops researching and learning, whilst applying the tools in her own life.


She is also a mother to two kids, wife to Paul and with 2 dogs and 6 chickens.

Working with Carly has been a truely an invaluable experience. I have finally felt a sense of clarity and insight to the life I have been so eager to lead, after years of exploring a range of different approaches that unfortunately didn’t work for me. Carly’s approach has been hugely effective. She has gifted me with knowledge and tools to better my life. I cant recommend working with Carly highly enough. 

- Jade

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We believe that the way we are currently working isn’t working. This is reflected in high levels of stress, a chronic lack of employee engagement and increasing levels of presenteeism.

Our philosophy is to utilise knowledge and insights from the disciplines of neuroscience, physiology, psychology and Stoic philosophy to enable staff resilience and peak performance and protect what is arguably your most valuable asset – your ‘psychological capital’.

We strongly believe that in order to be a peak performer, whatever your game, you must adopt rituals that integrate and optimise the Mind Body and the Brain. 

Knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient.

Closing the 'knowing-doing gap' is critical if you want results. Our proven tools and methodologies help to close that gap and transform good intentions into great results.

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